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Get Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection

These days, it seems to be more of a struggle just to get by. One unexpected medical expense or one missed paycheck can have a domino effect that leaves you struggling with overwhelming debt.


If you’re facing bills you just can’t pay, don’t ignore the problem. The sooner you get a handle on the situation, the better off you’ll be. At David Stromgren Law, we have the experience and the knowledge to help you get the answers you need.


Rely on our team to help you navigate the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process.

Is Chapter 7 right for you?

Under a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, you’ll release your “non-exempt” property to a court trustee. This property will be liquidated in order to pay off your creditors.


Often, the process allows for repayment of debts at a fraction of the amount owed, while unsecured debts such as credit cards might be canceled outright. This will allow you to get the breathing room you need to get on with your life.


The process can be a difficult one. We’ll help you understand your options so you make the best decision for your needs.

Move forward

Licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin, David Stromgren Law provides legal services for those facing debt issues.


With compassion and understanding, we’ll help you find your financial footing again, and get a fresh financial start.

If Chapter 7 bankruptcy isn’t right for you, we can also help you with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.

Learn more about Chapter 7 bankruptcy.


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